new ramp section


After our discuss last time, we decide to change our ramp’s armrest as a hidden armrest and put a hidden light on opposite direction of it.

Also, we use GRP  instead of stainless steel as ramp outside material.

In order to link floor and armrest better, (becaue their materials are different ,PVC and GRP), we put a notch between them.

Edinbuigh Trip

1In Summer holiday, I went to visit Edinbuigh for several days.

It is an ancient and mysterious city, you can see series of different architectural styles on the road. Lots of historical heritages there, such as Edinbuigh Castle, National Cathedral and so on. Also, it owns the most becautiful street of the world — Princes Street.

So, I think it is very worthy of you to have a look.




Edinbuigh Castle located on an extinct,  you could over look the whole view from the castle. It was used as Royal Palace and Military site, such meaningful place it is. I was interested in one o’clock roar of gun,( it is a traditional ceremoney, in order to proofread time. This ceremoney is similar as the tweleve o’clock knock in China, which let me feel so close) a considerable number of visitors will gather here and wait this monent every day.

3This the most expressful place to me — Prison in the Castle. It was a prison to put French soldiers many years ago, it keeps the orginal interior very well, which includes hammocks, clothes issues and foods. You can even smell musty odor here. It looks like you are in this prison at that time and you could image what French soldiers did there.





National Museum is a famious place you have to visit as well.

Dazzling arreys of precious collections in national museum, such as real F1 race, “Dolly” sheep and dinosaur fossils which you chould only see pictures before.

section and effect picture

Drawing1-Model 副本副本

This is a section image about our ramp,which I did by AUTO CAD, so that you chould see some detial and interoir construction about it. Also, you will  know each material more clearly.


And here is an effect image about the heart area by PHOTOSHOP. You could see the aquarium, metal ramp and history  pvc floor more real. By doing so, it is a good idea for you to know the whole effect and material better.



Last week, we have been to London to visit the Free Range exhibition.


10 July 2013


The British Museum which is our first station to visit.This building has a transparent roof connect with the nature which is like our Bus Station project to connect with the weather.They also use a lot of glass corridor to connect each area.


3Then we went to The National Gallery. This is Trafalgar Square in the photo. I really want to go to there when I haven’t arriving in England, because I want to visit the national gallery, especially for Monet. Monet is my favorite painter. He is very good at  landscape painting and the color is very beautiful. It’s very exciting to visit the authentic work by Monet.

4Big Ben

5This is a building we passing. I just thought the detail of the sculpture is very beautiful. It has a big different style with China.




This is a good public place I found. The facade of the this building are all the transparent glass. The people who sit in it could have a good rest and have a good feeling with the weather, especially for the sunshine.



Free Range


7There are some different method of exhibition. In the poster, they have the introduction for their project. And the good thing I think is that they also have made the small model of the detail of their project attached in their poster.


DSC_0946_副本This is a interesting model which the designer take apart the Xbox and recombination it to his project model.

IMG_8836_副本different posters DSC_0949DSC_0934

Each designer has their own personality to present their  progress or personal profile.


This is my favorite project.

The Pop-up collection

  • The product was Chinese Flowering Tea.
  • The concept was intended to reflect the novelty and the beauty of the product.
  • The idea of using seating as the primary function of the installation, came from the connection of the tea drinking with relaxation.

DSC_1034_副本Buckingham Palace.

IMG_8798_副本Chinese food-Sichuan cuisine.(Chinese town)

  • Mapo beancurd
  • poached fish
  • hot and sour rice noodles
  • Spicy Pork Intestine


Degree Show 2013

The degree show of this year was absolutely wonderful; I was attracted by lots of creative and artful works. Also, I learned some great methods which are good for our shows in the future.

  • Model


1)      Model is the most direct way to present our project. It is very useful for everyone to know what you designed from a model.


2)      These models are made of different materials, so that I could know which material is more suitable for our bus station. And the ways they fixed models is helpful for me to think about how to complete our model.


3)      Model details—because a large length scale of bus station, it is hard to let audients see clearly about heart area which we are focus on. By doing so, making another larger scale detail model could highlight our point. And put some small people models inside and outside the model is a good idea to make our model more visually.

  •  Poster


1)      Posters are another important method to present our projects. We could put some plans and elevation pictures which  combine with explaining words so that we chould add professional feelings.

2)      I found some drawings on posters looks so amazing. I thought we could learned the method they used on these drawings. We can put some artful effects on our photos by Photoshop and mix our hand drawings.

  •  Show ways


1)      As each major’s show has different styles, such as architectures’ show leaved me a deep memory. In order to achieve the same effect, we need to design a special style to attract our audients. Including receptions and floor decoration.


2)      Combine 2D and 3D could catch people’s eyes, highlight points and let people know the details.

1_副本 2

I quite like this kind of present ways — putting our projects into life sites. I think it is more real and it could let us understand better effect of our design.



This holiday, we went to Liverpool to visit some national museums. There are some exhibitions attracted me a lot from the journey.


I can feel the deveopment of the city from the combination of traditonal and mordern achitecture .


Among all the national museums, the Merseyside Maritime Musuem is the most attractive for me. It is not because the model of Titanic or Other Ships. Actually, I am really interested on the “U-Boat” area in the museum. I learned the “U-Boat” by the German movie “Das-Boat”.


IMG_8635_副本The “U-Boat” is the abbreviation the “Untersee-boot” which means submarine in German. The first U-boat was built in 1906.  The Merseyside Maritime Museum exhibits the design of radio room, torpedo and military goods on U-boat.

It is surprised amazing to design a stable and functional submarine in the 1910s, especially the technology development is relatively poor in that time.


And also, there are many other stories about different ships, such as tragic Titanic and Lusitania. It also has some interaction to let us feeling the sail.

IMG_8644IMG_8632Another museum left us deep impression is the international slavery museum. It’s about life in west Africa.The first main section in the International Slavery Museum.’Life in West Africa’, introduces the continent as the birthplace of human culture and civilisations.


This is a traditional lgbo family compound.This family unit is still very important in Igbo culture in Africa.In earlier times a titled elder usually had more than one wife, so his compound included several buildings.


This is a Museum of Liverpool.National Museums Liverpool intention is for the new venue to tell the story of Liverpool and its people, and reflect the city’s global significance.


On the ground floor, display the Liverpool and Manchester Railway was the world’s first twin-track inter-urban passenger railway in which all the trains were timetabled and ticketed.


IMG_8693The Museum also has a good area named Little Liverpool, a gallery for children under six to interaction.





stair :

A staircase spirals up through an atrium at the heart of the museum, leading to three floors of galleries that exhibit social history and popular culture.


After this journey, it made me interested in the design of the ship, especially  boathouse.

The days I was in China

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum located near the Century Park in PuDong area of Shanghai. It bases on five main concepts, which includes “universe, life, wisdom, creativity and future.”

IMG_4120 IMG_4121

Once I arrived here, I was attracted by the centre crystal ball of its façade first. It just likes the heart area of our bus station, which is a good idea to connect inside and outside of the building. And because of the similar long structure, it could avoid internal lack of sunlight.


This ramp appearance hall is a place to introduce population, occupation and environment of each distract of Shanghai, which is in the middle area of the crystal ball. And you could find out more culture information from these computers on the ramp.

IMG_4130This is a LED screen around a column; it is brilliant to connect with the environment there.


And this earth is able to tell you the climate features in each area if you tap the earth.


Welcome to animal world, these mimic model animals look so lifelike, even the temperature and environment were done according to the true world. You could also hear animals’ sound, like you are living with them.


These colorful hanging introduction pictures are very humane to present rockets information for visitors walking on upper floor, because the rockets models are so huge.

IMG_4152 IMG_4154

I quite like these game devices in space hall, they let you experience the feeling like you are in a real spaceship.For example, this spacecraft on right image is continuing rotate, even just reaching to touch a switch, your fingers will probably touch a wrong bottom. However you need try to shut these targets to experience how hard to do anything in the space.

IMG_4167 IMG_4168

These bamboo appearance pillars located in natural hall, their effects are helping lighting, adding natural atmosphere and introduction.

Finally, we went to science and adventure centre.


This tree presents us the development process of computers.

There are lots of interesting devices in adventure centre.

3 4

This lower right equipment is a good idea to let you know how heavy you are.

IMG_4174 IMG_4185

How this hydro valve working?

Can you walk through this tunnel straightly? The background is keeping rotating.

These adventure equipments are very useful to attrack people , also it is a good idea to bring knowledge  and interesting elements to them. I think it is useful for us to apply it in our bus station through my own experience at this time. Moreover, we could learn the difference introductions in this museum (like LED screen column, bamboo pillars and computer tree)to help our ramp become more abundant.


Porject: A New Heart of Preston Bus Station

Team Members: Tina, Sarah, Chen

Date: 7th May 2013


As we all know, a correct dimention is the most importment step before we design anything. In order to observe the detials of bus station, we went to servey and photoed the site. However, we found the original CAD drawing was nor accurte, so we changed the scale according to the data we surveyed. Besides, because lots of buildings connect with bus station, we need to find out how these buildings work. And we explore potentials of the building, because we want to give it rebirth.

Because of a city centre location, it will be a good idea if design to attrack new people to Preston and a considerable number of evernts will be held in this primer scaled expo centre. We also divided this exhibition centre into two parts, a permenent one and a flexible one. At the part of our project, a new entrance will be developed as well. An unusual restaurant looks back to the city. It is unique and its internal could reflect the weather outside.

Preston is in need of a playful and more light hearted place. In recession, everyone in worrr about their future and there are few opportunities about positive experience. By doing so, we intend to bring entertainment to help Preston, which according to how South Korea and Japan be away from recession by the help of entertainment industry. In these redevelopement facilities, people could play and help each other through challenges, in the adventure centre.

As we approached the end of the first phase of the project. We decided to focus on developing the core of the building. The reason for this is that it gave us an opportunity to develop a story behind the building’s rebirth. Our previous design approach was to gather ideas and to zone these in the building. The core of the building we envisage playing a key role in engaging the people of Preston in the building’s future. 70% of the people in Preston love the building. And 30% would like to see it demolished. In the project, we gave the people what they wanted. By demolishing 30% of the building at its core provided us with a site to develop something new — a new heart. The design is a metaphor, a poetic gesture.

In order to understand this building deeply, we have made a model based on our project. It is considered to design the heart of this building as a capacious public area.

So How to better utilize this public area in the center of this building? Is the main objective of our project.According to our observation, the Preston Bus Station is a relatively high building at Preston, so we think it may be a good opportunity for us to design an interesting staircase to let people enjoy the different views of the Preston from different levels. The idea of designing a staircase in the center of the building is come from the Berlin trip. From the following picture, the architecture in the photo is a parliament house in Berlin. You can see people appreciate the view from different height. So this is the inspiration of the design of staircase in our project. By building a sculptural sinuous ramp through the demolished space a new organic contrasting element is introduced. By purposefully slowing people’s transit, people have time to reflect on the building, also on the views across Preston. Voids in the space are utilized as a gallery space, to view works by local artists. As there are no steps, everyone can use it.

Once we decided to put sinuous ramp in the center, then we have drawn some schemes for its design.. The rose of Lancashire provides inspiration for the ramp’s shape. Interpreted in a contemporary way — it is only fully understood when looking down from above.

However, there is one problem when the design proceeding to this step.We know the main function of the original stairs is to let people enjoy the different views of Preston from different height. However, we thought that it is still not attractive enough to use the stairs to appreciate the view outside the building. Because there is a long ramp you need to climb from the ground floor to the top of the building. Especially people can use lift as an alternative. So, we have to involve a fascinating element in our design of the heart of the building. After get rid of other optional plans, we decided to set an aquarium in the center. The aquarium will be surrounded by the ramp. On the different altitude, people can watch different aquatic species. The marine aquarium provided a way of viewing the fish and fauna that live off the west coast, normally invisible because the water is so rough and dirty. Then people will enjoy using the ramp. They would not feel boring or tired if there is a goal to attract them to climb from the ground to the top. We also found an example of a similar design.

So this is our final solution of the center design of the Preston Bus Station. It is integrated with the rose ramp and marine aquarium. So people can enjoy the view from outside and inside of the building from different level.

By Sarah

At last week, we have changed the strategy of our teamwork. It is decided that each of us will design the stairs and bridge at the center of the building individually. I spent huge effort on opening my mind and I tried to make some break upon the current design. Some free-hand sketch has been draw to show design of the bridge and stairs.

Under careful advisement of the below reason, I, personally, stand on the side of removing the bridge. At first, I think if we designed a bridge on the roof, it will decrease the original aesthetic feeling made by the concrete style of the building. The appearance of building will be changed after installing the bridge on the roof. However, if we extend the bridge from the roof to the ground, I think the bridge will influence the simplicity of the building. So, as far as I concerned, it might be better to remove the bridge from our original design, from the point view of aesthetics. Secondly, I think it doesn’t make much sense to install the bridge from the point view of functionality.


About the hovering stairs, I found that no matter what pattern we used for the stairs, we can receive a good visual perception by overlook from the roof of the building. But when I finished the hand-drawing of the stairs, there is just one feeling come out from my mind: Tired. Then, I start to consider how to make the stairs be attractive for people to use it. The main function of the original stairs is to let people enjoy the different views of Preston from different levels. However, that is still boring and tired for people to use it. Though, I thought could I put an aquarium in the centre of the building. The aquarium will be surrounded by the stairs. On the different altitude, people can watch aquatic life. It is like you visit the real sea world, you will find different aquatic life existed in the different depth. So people will enjoy using the stairs. I also found an example of a similar design.